Links 8/31/12

Links for you. Science:

Is Science Cool? No
New drug of status, ground-up rhino horn, threatens endangered species
The Results are In: Scientists are Workaholics
The beef I have with The Paleo Diet
How do science blogs change the face of science?


What happens when they start killing Christians?
Accounting smokescreens excite the conservatives
Academic precariat: How is it possible to hide 75 percent of professors in the United States?
Hilarious twist on “You didn’t build that!”
Taking the Filibuster to Court: Here Are the Documents
After Attacks, Israeli Schools Confront Hate
Jobs, Freedom And Mr. March On Washington
Revolt of the Rich: Our financial elites are the new secessionists. (good post, although Christopher Lasch made the same argument at greater length in The Revolt of the Elites–which is a very good conservative critique)
Mitt vs. the Hurricane: His Forgotten Katrina History, the Path of Isaac, and the Preferences of a Political Fixer
China’s Worsening Food Safety Crisis
Debt and Its Discontents: The Depressing World of Collections Part Two
LAPD Beating Victim Brian Mulligan — The Gruesome Photo
Comrade Jindal now demanding MORE fed disaster aid than states normally get

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