Links 11/8/19

Links for you. Science:

This dog took a DNA test. Turns out he’s 100 percent endangered dingo.
A Physics Magic Trick: Take 2 Sheets of Carbon and Twist
Living whales are worth an enormous amount of money
Stalking the Endangered Wax Palm
Experts urge better antimicrobial resistance messaging


One of the most famous incidents of campus outrage was totally misrepresented
I worked on political ads at Facebook. They profit by manipulating us.
This video of a runaway dog sled police chase is the most absurd, delightful thing you’ll see today (GOOD BOYS, GOOD BOYS, WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU?)
Trump goes full White (Nationalist) History Month during Native American Heritage Month
D.C. lawmaker Jack Evans used office to benefit private clients, probe finds
Attack of the Wall Street Snowflakes
The Battle for Progressive Policy Goes Through Congress
On Ukraine, Trump Is a Con Man, but He’s Also a Mark
Facebook Isn’t Just Allowing Lies, It’s Prioritizing Them
10 Facts You May Not Know About National Airport
Sanders and Warren Have to Tame Nancy Pelosi: The House speaker is building road blocks against Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. (horrible title, very good points)
China’s slam dunk of the NBA is a game changer
The bus gets a lot of hate. American cities are trying to change that.
Sports and Politics Are Always Interwined. Just Look at the Washington Nationals.
The Ham-Handed, Money-Driven Mangling of Sports Illustrated and Deadspin
The Big Bitcoin Heist
Pundit Zerlina Maxwell poses an important question to Democrats they better heed (made this point two years ago)
When Trump Tells You to ‘Read the Transcript,’ He’s Telling You to Shut Up
If Trump wins re-election while losing by 5 million votes
What’s It All About Then
Christopher Rufo Is a Total Bumpkin When It Comes to Urban Theory

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