They Are So Stupid: The PC Edition

The Conservative Proganda Network believes that the Obama Administration was forcing its national security team to attend political correctness meetings (“PC meetings”):

A new book claims that top CIA employees have compared President Trump favorably to his predecessor, indicating that former President Barack Obama’s administration micromanaged intelligence matters and was too concerned with political correctness.

The revelation comes in commentator Doug Wead’s new book “Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency,” which is set for release on Nov. 26. Wead cites an unnamed White House source who claims CIA officials leveled complaints against the Obama administration during a meeting with then-CIA director Mike Pompeo.

“Next thing they said was that, in the previous administration, they spent a lot of time in the White House doing nonstop PC [political correctness] meetings.

PC doesn’t stand for political correctness. It’s short for the Principals Committee of the National Security Council.

I don’t know if it’s just Fox News that’s being this stupid, or if it’s the book and/or the source too (added: It’s the author as well). Either way, this isn’t just drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s undergoing full immersion baptism in the Kool-Aid.

By the way, this was written on a PC. BOOGA! BOOGA!

Below the fold, for posterity’s sake, are screenshots:



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  1. marywuva says:

    Let’s get serious here — it wasn’t a Political Correctness meeting — or a Principles Meeting, it wasn’t even about how to use a Personal Computer

    The TRUTH is

    They were making paper chains out of postcards so they pussy cats could play catch with them.

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