Some Sunday Links

Happy two days before New Year’s… Anyway, I’ve got a whole mess of posts for you. Science first:

  1. Here’s a favorite of mine about E. coli, Shigella, and creationism.
  2. ScienceBlogling Brian Switek bashes creationists and tells us about convergent evolution.
  3. Speaking of creationists, Ron Paul is one.
  4. Here’s an interesting post about solar power breakthroughs.
  5. John Quiggin describes how the classic peppered moth experiments were repeated–and the original explanation holds.
  6. The science of boredom.
  7. Here’s a great explanation of what a scientific theory is.
  8. ScienceBlogling Brian Switek again: “I reject a direction or plan for evolution because there is no evidence of one.” Now, when is this very smart person going to find the time to finish his Ph.D….
  9. Grape genomics!

Other stuff:

  1. The must-read post: Matt Stoller describes five never-discussed political issues.
  2. Jon Swift has a best of the blogs for 2007.
  3. James Wolcott rips apart rightwing propagandist Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Facism. So does Orcinus.
  4. Here’s a new variant of Compulsive Centrist Disorder: the belief that polarization is necessarily a bad thing. Paul Rosenberg discusses the moral imperative of polarization and MLK. The Great Orange Satan has some thoughts about this too. So does digby.
  5. Maha discusses the Conservative Crack Up.
  6. ScienceBlogling Ed Brayton discusses the irrational hatred of the French by some on the right.
  7. Lambert explains why Obama’s rhetoric of conciliation is stupid.
  8. Here’s an obituary of Steve Gilliard, with some corrections.
  9. driftglass wants to make conservatives choose between decency and the Hezbollah wing of the Republican Party.
  10. Here’s a compelling reason to support John Edwards.
  11. Bush supporters don’t know what he actually supports.
  12. Europe has a problem with fascism, not Islamofascism.
  13. How conservative backlash to the strikes of 1946 led to the Taft-Hartley Act and the beginnings of wage suppression.
  14. Scott Horton discusses the Bush Administration’s fear of videotapes.
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2 Responses to Some Sunday Links

  1. Coturnix says:

    The second Laelaps link needs to be fixed.

  2. SLC says:

    Re Jonah Goldberg
    Actually, Mr. Goldbergs’ mother is a more interesting example of stupidity in that she claims to have had a sexual encounter with former president Harry Truman. If anybody believes that, I have a nice bridge I would like to sell them.

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