Links 9/27/12

Links for you. Science:

What if NSF Bio funding rates are LOWER this round than those past? (six percent?!? Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer)
GMO Opponents Are the Climate Skeptics of the Left
The NIH faces up to hard times
The genome of a virus that zaps a zit
Ewan Birney: Genomics’ Big Talker


Why not drop money out of a helicopter?
The capital gains preference: Why Mitt Romney’s taxes are so low and whether economics justifies it
Stressful at the top? Not really, study finds: Harvard researchers find leaders in business, politics and the military report lower anxiety levels than others. The key to their serenity is control. (agency is key)
You Hate Me, You Really Hate Me (though Democrats seem more tolerant of ‘intermarriage’)
NFL Referees Lockout Showing Value of a Well-Trained Workforce
Review: “Vagina: A New Biography” by Naomi Wolf
Amazing photobomb
I Don’t Even Know What He’s Talking About Anymore

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  1. hipparchia says:

    re GMO Opponents Are the Climate Skeptics of the Left…

    the author, keith kloor, appears to be one of those writers who revel in being not-tribal while writing about hotly-contested issues, rather than digging into a subject and figuring out where the truth lies. how else to interpret remarks like this one: ?

    gleick is a hero and climategate is part of a decades-long attack on scientists, but obviously i’m just a deranged tribalist.

    i’m not the only one who finds keith kloor irritating:

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