Tuesday Links

Happy Tuesday. Links for you. Science:
Science teaching: real and imagined problems
Oil Leak from Damaged Well in Gulf of Mexico
Uncertainties Greatly Reduced
Wind’s latest problem: it … makes power too cheap
Pellets over petroleum
Scientific Society Revises Climate Change Statement: science advances
Walling off the Nature Conservancy
What to Do About the Banks
Whooping Cough Outbreak in California Kills Two
Leftists to Elie Wiesel: Occupied Jerusalem can’t be holy
Think Again: Mainstream Media to Conservatives: ‘Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?’
Unemployment for Those Who Earn $150,000 or More is Only 3%, While Unemployment for the Poor is 31%
Commemorating CHM: White Supremacy Killed Lincoln
Who’s Afraid of Democracy? Believing that “people are rational as consumers and irrational as voters,” many conservatives would favor free markets without democracy
The God That Failed
“Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black” – Tim Wise
Still Not Getting It
Pushing for Filibuster Reform
The Money is the Scandal
Dick Cheney’s Counterterrorism Incompetence Continues to Endanger Us

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