One Key Point About the Georgia Indictment

The full text of the Trump Georgia indictment document“>The Georgia indictment is a pretty clear cut case, especially since the Georgia RICO statute is much broader than the federal one–and it is symmetry, if not irony, that Trump, who falsely claimed that the Central Park Five were guilty of rape, gets indicted using an expansive RICO law*, which was specifically designed to target Black street gangs.

But as some asshole with a blog noted when the federal indictment was handed down, the outcomes of any of these cases shouldn’t be in doubt, except that we have a two-tiered (possibly more) judicial system, so what is an obvious pattern of criminal activity might not be considered guilty in a legal sense, meaning Trump would go free**. The doubt in the system is damning, which is why these cases not only needed to be brought, but now also need to be won.

*It’s far too expansive and is used against non-violent political protestors, among other reasons.

**We’ll ignore jury nullification, which would be horrible, but is not really an issue of wealth or power.

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