Links 8/15/23

Links for you. Science:

This Maui center houses some of the world’s rarest birds. Staff saved it from the flames.
Cascading environmental impacts feared from ‘wasteland’ of Maui fires
These trout evolved rapidly to find food in lakes
508-Million-Year-Old Fossils May Be Earth’s Oldest Swimming Jellyfish
Latest COVID mutation EG.5 seems to be driving a recent surge in cases. Experts say the variant nicknamed Eris is thriving due to waning immunity and shifting baselines
Is it defamation to point out scientific research fraud?


Long COVID is devastating and far from rare. As infections rise again, why are we still ignoring it? As COVID cases rise once again, we are unprepared for the “mass disabling” event caused by long COVID
The Claremont Institute: The Anti-Democracy Think Tank (such weirdos)
The Media Still Doesn’t Get Biden Voters (very good, but nothing progressive/lefty bloggers et alia haven’t been saying for the last few years; still, if even the Bulwark gets it…)
8 Can’t Wait
Trump Didn’t Hijack Reagan’s GOP; It Was Never Fully His
How Fidelity, Schwab, and Vanguard Fund Hate Groups
Proposed COVID and flu vaccination rules for health workers allow many exceptions
Gulls are stealing food, kids are crying, and restaurants are fighting back with tough new policies
It’s not just the office people don’t want to go to: COVID looks to have permanently severed something as school attendance plummets and keeps dropping
Hundreds of government employees in San Francisco told to work from home due to the high levels of crime in the area, report says (but they’re supposed to return to the office to maintain office property values improve productivity)
Airlines can’t add high-end seats fast enough as travelers treat themselves to first class (if you don’t fly that often and you can afford it, upgrading to first class is the obvious move–it’s so horrible in cattle class)
The Sweep and Force of Section Three (these are conservative originalists, no less)
The Local-News Crisis Is Weirdly Easy to Solve: Restoring the journalism jobs lost over the past 20 years wouldn’t just be cheap—it would pay for itself.
RFK Jr. says he’d sign a federal abortion ban at 3 months of pregnancy, then reverses course (he’s a Republican)
Police defend raid on Kansas newspaper amid backlash over ‘brazen violation of press freedom’: Marion County Record reports publisher’s mother died from stress of raid at their home (fascists)
How liberals learned to love the ballot initiative
Remote work gave them a reprieve from racism. They don’t want to go back
Easiest Marks In The World
RFK Jr.’s effort to walk back abortion ban support is insulting
COVID victims’ families sue NYC-based EcoHealth for ‘funding, releasing’ virus (lol, not people who refused to protect them)
No, We Haven’t “Lived” with Diseases for Millions of Years (we’re not bats)
Got a cold, runny nose, the sniffles? No worries! Come to school, LAUSD says (this is a hate link: 1) no mention of long COVID; 2) “The superintendent also noted a financial impact. If the current 90% daily attendance rate rose to 95% — which it was pre-pandemic — the result, he said, would be $300 million more in state funding, which is largely based on attendance.”)
A conversation with the newspaper owner raided by cops
Fairfax Is Now Using Contractors For Meals On Wheels. Do They Deliver What Volunteers Did?
The Dream Was Universal Access to Knowledge. The Result Was a Fiasco.
Lahaina used to be a wetland. Nature didn’t turn the historic Hawaiian community into a tinderbox. People did.

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