This Is What You Say To the Last Man To Die For a Mistake

Why couldn’t Kerry have said this in 2004? Despite what the Washington Mandarins think, anger is the appropriate emotion. Sigh.

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8 Responses to This Is What You Say To the Last Man To Die For a Mistake

  1. Mustafa Mond, FCD says:

    George Chickenhawk Bush has insisted that Kerry apologize.

  2. Joshua says:

    So Kerry is reprehensible. But Allen is respectable? (Cf. your recent post on it.)
    Sometimes, I wonder if “Mad” might be too weak a response to what’s happened to public discourse in this country.

  3. Stogoe says:

    The DLC crowd is now trying to take credit for all the competitive races in this election, after they refused to even consider running people outside of their ’15’ annointed races. I won’t let them do it.
    Also, I want Kerry and Hilary to back off on presidential ambitions(sadly, I can’t always get what I want). They’re surgically connected to the lobbyist/consultant crowd that have only helped the Democrats lose elections. Blech.

  4. Garrett says:

    Damn, that was a good speech. Were was that when we needed it at the last election?
    I’ve always been shocked that it’s taken this long for the majority of the American public to reach this stance on the war and their government policy. It’s been 6 years of disaster and ineptitude and the rest of us in the world have been pointing that out for the entire run of this administration.
    Still, I think the Dems will find some way to lose again. Sigh.

  5. 386sx says:

    Most of them are all blowhards. They pretty much have to be in order to stay in politics. Kerry was brilliant in this video though. And he’s right too.

  6. Joshua,
    I wasn’t saying Kerry was reprehensible–I agree with him. The title of the post refers to what Kerry said, and rightly so, to a congressional committee during the Vietnam War:
    “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam – How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

  7. Mustafa Mond, FCD says:

    This Is What You Say To the Last Man To Die For a Mistake

    I don’t get it. Why would you say anything at all to a dead guy?

  8. Joshua says:

    No, sorry, it was I who was unclear. My statement about Kerry being reprehensible was a reference to the backlash to his recent comments. The standard “Kerry hates the troops!” crap that the pundits were spitting out, that is. The contrast between the response to that and the utter silence about Sen. Allen’s treatment of a veteran — not some abstract “the troops” but an actual veteran soldier in the flesh — that you posted about is quite marked and quite telling.

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