Links 11/29/22

Links for you. Science:

A Warming Siberia, Wracked by Wildfires, Nears a Crucial Threshold
Platypuses Face a Dammed, Inbred Future
Shattered by Nazi Bombs, a Fossil’s Lost Copies Are Just Being Found
The evolution of tree roots nearly ended life on Earth
How Wild Turkeys Find Love
Taxonium, a web-based tool for exploring large phylogenetic trees


Jan. 6 panel staffers angry at Cheney for focusing so much of report on Trump. 15 former and current staffers expressed concern that important findings unrelated to Trump will not become available to the American public (1-Republican Mommy will not save you; 2-If Warnock wins, Senate Democrats should continue the hearings)
Stop taking billionaires at their word. Why do we keep believing things that are too good to be true?
I am Once Again Asking the White House Press Corps to Stop Being a Gigantic Embarrassment. Sorry you didn’t get invited to a wedding, I guess?
As STDs Proliferate, Companies Rush to Market At-Home Test Kits. But Are They Reliable?
Two new movies, ‘Till’ and ‘U.S. and the Holocaust,’ help us connect the dots between Jim Crow and fascism
“It’s very dark”: Reporter calls out Tucker Carlson for stoking LGBTQ hate after Club Q shooting
Why Trump and Kevin McCarthy should fear a Warnock victory
Why doesn’t the U.S. have at-home flu tests?
Crypto: Everyone Was Just That Stupid
Is N.Y.’s Child Welfare System Racist? Some of Its Own Workers Say Yes.
In Arizona, Election Deniers Suddenly Decry Voter Suppression (womp womp)
This Holiday, I’m Going to a Gay Bar
The Proud Boys keep popping up at LGBTQ events
The incredible shrinking future of college
Putin Seeks to Destabilize Ukraine’s Neighbor
Medicare 2.0—A Vision for the Future of America’s Health Insurance Plan
The Meaning of the Colorado Springs Attack
What Were Elon Musk’s Lenders Thinking?
Concept art for the epic Nigerian science-fiction movie ‘Attack of the Space Lions’ from 1985
The Year of Finding Out
How infectious disease experts are responding to Covid nearly three years in
The myth of Elon Musk as the “good billionaire” or the “visionary genius” has made him a lot of money. So we fact-checked these myths.
To Be Sure
‘We aren’t numb; we’re traumatized’: Another mass killing rocks U.S.

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