Links 11/28/22

Links for you. Science:

Population structure and genetic diversity of Salmonella Typhimurium in avian hosts
What Covid taught scientists and the public about the flu
Competition between respiratory viruses may hold off a ‘tripledemic’ this winter
SARS-CoV-2 Transmission from Human to Pet and Suspected Transmission from Pet to Human, Thailand
How to protect research ideas as a junior scientist
Scientists Debate the Role of a Virus in Multiple Sclerosis


Is Long COVID Part Of The Historically Tight Labor Market? Signs Point to Yes. Long COVID Has Likely Taken Millions of Americans Out of the Workforce
Why I Don’t Trust “Never Trump” Republicans (And You Shouldn’t Either): Trump Is Their Creation
“Why Don’t You Just Move?”: Every region must accommodate a broad cross section of the country’s people
Congressmembers Tried to Stop the SEC’s Inquiry Into FTX. The ‘Blockchain Eight’ wrote a bipartisan letter in March attempting to chill the SEC’s information requests to crypto firms. FTX was one of those firms.
Russia’s Vindictive Rage
Why Twitter Has Been Marvelous
The U.S. Needs More Housing Than Almost Anyone Can Imagine
Nancy Pelosi’s historic run as speaker comes with a lesson: Quit while you’re ahead
British man catches absolutely massive goldfish
If Twitter goes down, where will crypto Twitter migrate to?
Marjorie Taylor Greene calls gay Democrat a “groomer” in wake of LGBTQ club shooting. She’s just calling gay people slurs now.
Elon Musk’s Anti-Trans Twitter Regime. Not content with reactivating accounts that spewed anti-trans content, Musk’s Twitter has now banned a group that organizes to protect people at LGBTQ events from far-right violence.
What “longtermism” gets wrong about climate change
1 in 4 hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants
Media Misled on Issues Important to Midterm Voters
Jerry Jones helped transform the NFL, except when it comes to race
Disability Groups File Federal Lawsuit Against D.C. Over Protected Bike Lanes
How Sam Bankman-Fried Sold The Bahamas An Empty Crypto Dream
FTX’s Bahamas crypto empire: Stimulants, subterfuge and a spectacular collapse
Broader pandemic aid fight could ensnare long covid funding
Boise officials scramble to repair damage caused by revelation of white nationalist police captain
The Stench of Corruption Is Growing Stronger Around the Supreme Court
Mercedes locks faster acceleration behind a $1,200 annual paywall
Tax preparation sites aren’t just exploiting you, they’re helping Facebook do it, too

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