U.S. Politics in One Figure

Well, not all of it. But this figure from Pew pretty much sums up the Republican Party:

Pew white discrimination

You’ll note Republicans believe that white people and evangelicals are discriminated against as much as black people. As I’ve noted in a different context, there are some Democrats who think this too (and Republicans who don’t), but the breakdown by party is very clear.

All right we are two nations?

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2 Responses to U.S. Politics in One Figure

  1. How would you characterize affirmative action if not as discrimination against white people? Which isn’t to say anything about the merit of the program. Honestly anyone who didn’t put at least “some” for every group isn’t being honest with themselves.

    • stewart says:

      In my much younger days I didn’t understand how an organization could be an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. I subsequently found out that I had been misled as to what was meant by affirmative action, at least in some contexts. Affirmative action is not about choosing minority candidates; it’s about taking action to encourage minority candidates to apply – to widen the candidate pool. The effect of that is to reduce non-deliberate discrimination resulting from recruitment via “old boy networks”, rather than to introduce discrimination against whites.

      If you are literal-minded and interpret some as meaning any, no matter how little, then I expect discrimination against all groups occurs, especially if you don’t restrict the scope to the USA. But I expect that the intent of the question, and most people’s responses treat some/a lot as meaning significant/pervasive.

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