Democrats Need to Push Harder on Social Issues

I know their consultants will say otherwise because they don’t believe Democrats can shift polling numbers on issues or manufacture issues*, but Democrats shouldn’t just be passing bills to protect gay marriage and contraception–though that’s very good!–but also codifying the protection of interracial marriage. We already have the disgusting spectacle of Republican Senator Mike Braun (IN), who has argued that interracial marriage shouldn’t be a federal, but state issue. As the dissenters in Dobbs (the overturning of Roe v. Wade) noted, nothing in the logic used by the majority, such as it is, would prevent them from deciding that there is no protection for interracial marriage (Supreme Court precedent notwithstanding).

If Democrats can’t make hay of this–and there are a lot of interracial marriages in the U.S. (according to the Census Bureau, it’s nineteen percent of all marriages)–then they really suck at politics. And before anyone says this is performative politics, performative politics, when done right, put you in the position to do legislative politics.

*Though perhaps with good reason when you consider the typical professional Democrat.

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