Links 7/26/22

Links for you. Science:

Unvaccinated man in Rockland County, N.Y., diagnosed with polio
The Bizarre Bird That’s Breaking the Tree of Life. Darwin thought that family trees could explain evolution. The hoatzin suggests otherwise. (interesting, but a bit melodramatic; also ignores (or doesn’t explain well) why gene trees can diverge)
Operation Nasal Vaccine—Lightning speed to counter COVID-19
Risk of Reinfection, Vaccine Protection, and Severity of Infection with the BA.5 Omicron Subvariant: A Danish Nation-Wide Population-Based Study
Big Tech builds AI with bad data. So scientists sought better data.
Rio Grande runs dry in Albuquerque for the first time in 40 years


Biden’s Problems Go Back To 2009 (must-read)
The Enigma of Peter Thiel: There Is No Enigma — He’s a Fascist
Sean Patrick Maloney’s Hazardous Support for Dirty Energy Infrastructure. The story of Maloney’s office shutting down a colleague who tried to stir up opposition to a fracked-gas plant is part of a pattern.
Letter to Boris Johnson’s dad from Eton College resurfaces online – and it explains a lot
Tired of Waiting for Their Dream Workplace, These Writers Made Their Own
Comparing DC and San Francisco’s tenant purchase laws
Hyundai subsidiary has used child labor at Alabama factory
There’s a Reason Trump Could Try to Overturn the Results of the 2020 Election
America’s Self-Obsession Is Killing Its Democracy. The U.S. still has a chance to fix itself before 2024. But when democracies start dying—as ours already has—they usually don’t recover.
Europe is overheating. This climate-friendly AC could help.
Ex-Prosecutor: Manhattan DA Thought Indicting Trump Was Too Risky
If the Democratic Party Tried to Change, Would its Ecosystem Prevent It?
The Supreme Court Reform that Could Actually Win Bipartisan Support
Cawthorn Campaign Illegally Spent Funds It Wasn’t Supposed to Touch
Jeff Bridges Reveals ‘Iron Man’ Production Drove Him ‘Absolutely Crazy’
With another star poised to walk, why should Nats fans stick around?
The Internet You Were Warned About
In Detroit, the chip shortage has left the city eerily short of cars
They’re Coming For It All
Richmond tore down its statues — and revealed a new angle on history
Trump’s criminal intent is now clear. Merrick Garland’s intentions aren’t.
Second coronavirus booster shots for people under 50 on hold amid drive to speed up new vaccine
Speaker Pelosi Declines To Comment On Super PAC Spending In Michigan Primary
Masked men chanting name of neo-Nazi group demonstrate outside JP venue hosting drag queen story hour (Boston)

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