Memorial to the Lost

Observed at the corner of 15th and R, Logan Circle, D.C.:

Age 3

Age 3:

Age 3

Too many:

Age 3

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3 Responses to Memorial to the Lost

  1. Gingerbaker says:

    How about a productive question: If you could do ONE thing to lower gun violence, what would it be? And saying anything like “getting rid of guns” doesn’t count – the Supreme Court has carved into stone the right of citizens to own and use guns.

    A good place to start thinking about an answer might be, I would think, to first get some good information about gun violence itself, which is not easy, thanks to Republicans. So, here is a question: In what context does most gun violence occur?

    • jrkrideau says:

      An educated guess, but my data is old: At home when one of your nearest and dearest shoots you or you shoot one of your nearest and dearest.
      Slightly sarcastic: Next, well in the US cops shooting someone and then gang violence but mass shootings seem to be gaining fast and may have overtaken gangs.

      Very sarcastic: when a well-armed citizen defends himself from the riffraff.

  2. Contingent Cassandra says:

    That’s Rev. Francis Grimke’s church (not the same building, of course, but a continuously-existing congregation since his time). Not a surprising place to find such a display.

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