Links 1/3/13

Links for you. Science:

Positive epistasis between co-infecting plasmids promotes plasmid survival in bacterial populations
Toxic Halitosis Protects Tobacco-Eating Caterpillar
I Had My DNA Picture Taken, With Varying Results (to the cognescenti, neither surprising nor new, but good introduction)
Without Winter Freezes, Mangroves Are Marching North, Scientists Say (Ents?)
We don’t really get to die of old age


I flew on a plane without going through security. It was amazing and no one died. (excellent)
The Year in Racial Amnesia
Filthy Lucre
The Post-Academic’s Guide to Academic Professionalism
Will New York City Lead the Way on Pre-K? The outlook for Mayor de Blasio’s signature initiative just got a whole lot brighter.
Mitt Romney Being Sued For Racketeering In Federal Court
Animal-Rights Activists Bully Dying Italian Girl (assholes)
Reverse Nazi salute, all the rage in Europe, is now coming to America
Why Are So Many College Professors Politically Liberal?
Snowden’s biggest revelation: We don’t know what power is anymore, nor do we care
Mike Shanahan’s firing is latest chapter in Washington’s sad recent history
Some chafe at charter school’s low pay for tutors: Service model getting wide use

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