Links 9/29/14

Links for you. Science:

Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium?
STEM Grads Are at a Loss: Those who claim there’s a STEM skills shortage are ignoring the evidence.
To Get More Out of Science, Show the Rejected Research
Peter Thiel’s Uncomplimentary Views of Big Pharma
Did America Get Fat by Drinking Diet Soda?


Will Obama’s ISIS Strategy Actually Worsen the Terror Threat?
Sparing the Rod Won’t Spoil the Racism
Who’s Going to Pay For the Latest Iraq War?
Bloomberg: Beyond the Billions (the greatest lie supposed technocrats ever told is that they are competent managers)
Disillusioned Parent Pulled Daughter from Girls Prep Charter – another hedge funded scam
What Is India? Why India’s boom years have been a bust.
The US Has Been the World’s Sole Superpower for the Last 13 Years—Why Hasn’t It Done Anything Good? Now, across a vast and growing swath of the planet, the main force at work seems not to be the concentration of power, but its fragmentation. (related thoughts here)
Why Liberians Thought Ebola Was a Government Scam to Attract Western Aid
Why Paul Krugman Is Wrong about the Cost of Climate Protection, and Why it Matters
I turned my apartment into a smart home… and all I got was bored
So What Do We Do After We Destroy ISIS?
The War Nerd: Bombs away in the Middle East! But why is Israel so quiet?
The Show-Off Society

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