Links 6/29/19

Links for you. Science:

HPV vaccine now recommended through age 45 in some cases
Beta Blockers Were a Miracle Cure for My Stage Fright. Then they took over my life
The U.S. Needs to Tighten Vaccination Mandates
Where To Find The Most Unusual Trees In D.C.
Composite Metagenome-Assembled Genomes Reduce the Quality of Public Genome Repositories


Let’s Get Drunk And Fight
36 Hours With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Joe Biden is contractually obligated to receive angel hair pomodoro at every paid speech
Dupont residents criticize DDOT for cancelling plans for Connecticut Ave bike lanes
What You Need to Know About the Crisis at the Border. And what you can do to help.
Tiffany Cabán and the New Democrats
Better Things Are Not Possible
The dumbest moment of last night’s debate (shockingly, it involved Chuck Todd)
Elizabeth Warren proved she’s ready for the big show
Sanders and Omar’s Plan Would Wipe Out Every Outstanding Student Loan
Democrats failed the Mitch McConnell question
Bernie Sanders is winning the internet. Will it win him the White House?
The Old Japan Disaster Horror Story
Five Things We Found In The FDA’s Hidden Device Database
Check out this map of DC’s horse-drawn streetcar routes
Marianne Williamson is an anti-vaxx fat shaming grifter

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