Links 11/29/14

Links for you. Science:

Publisher discovers 50 papers accepted based on fake peer reviews
A Lifesaving Transplant for Coral Reefs
No Tech Worker Shortage, No STEM Crisis
Clues to Bees’ History, Tucked Away in Drawers
Unearthed: Thanks to science, we may see the rebirth of the American chestnut


The Day After In Ferguson
Fake Asperger’s guys? (the misuse of ‘Asperger’s’ and ‘autistic’ is a real dick move)
Witness #40
A Letter to My Nephew
Why Congress Should Not Get Out of the Way of the Postal Service
In Ferguson, Michael Brown lost his life — and America’s police lost the benefit of the doubt: Police should realize that the law may be on their side, but public opinion changes faster than legislation
How Oligarchs Destroyed a Major American City: Central Houston has been converted into an exclusive playland for the rich.
A one-man Sand Creek Massacre truth commission
There’s a lot to discuss here.
Icon of New Topography movement Lewis Baltz dies at 69
It’s Long Past Time To Update The Thanksgiving Myth
Time for Bill O’Reilly to make amends for his panicked Ebola commentary (yes, it is)
Reports from Inside First Look Media Suggest That Maybe Silicon Valley Shouldn’t Manage Journalists

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