How Do We Fix Abortion in Idaho?

First, this from Jessica Valenti (boldface mine):

As you know, Idaho’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s abortion ban—but they also offered some ‘clarifications’ on law that aren’t likely to do anything other than further confusion and suffering. For example, Idaho’s ban requires that doctors who legally terminate pregnancies (in the limited exceptions that the state allows to do so) in a way that “provide[s] the best opportunity for the unborn child to survive.” Like, what?

The court writes that doctors performing abortions “must remove that unborn child in a manner that provides the best opportunity for survival (e.g., vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery)” as opposed to a procedure like a D&C—even if the doctor understands that the fetus will not be viable—unless doing so would pose a “greater risk of the death of the pregnant woman.”

The court seems to be saying that the only legal way for doctors to perform abortions isn’t just about the circumstances of a patient’s pregnancy (rape, incest, health, etc) but the way in which that pregnancy is ended. So doctors aren’t actually allowed to perform abortion procedures, but instead must force a woman into a c-section or vaginal birth, unless doing that would make a woman more likely to die. Which goes beyond being nonsensical—it’s monstrous.

Now that abortion rights have been devolved to the states by the Republican Christian supremacists on the Supreme Court, I don’t see how Idaho ever becomes less extreme on this issue. Even if some Republican voters are shocked into voting Democratic, Idaho is too Republican for that to matter. Put another way, outside of states that are truly swing states (the legislature bounces between parties), when Republicans are elected by large numbers, they are incredibly extremist. Barring a way to massively increase the non-evangelical white turnout*, there are going to be Republican strongholds, and I have no idea how we help the women who live there.

*This is a huge problem, and one neither the left nor centrists have been able to solve, except with limited success.

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  1. They hate women.

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