Links 1/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Bioengineers at CDC conducted world’s first “crash test” of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) air purifiers to check if they cab stop viruses between test dummies
Kid-edited journal pushes scientists for clear writing on complex topics
Birds bounced back in severely burned Appalachian forests
Efficacy of Do-It-Yourself air filtration units in reducing exposure to simulated respiratory aerosols
Scientists Gave Penguins a Mirror, And We Have Lots of Questions
Hunting for future-proof marine plants in the acidic waters bathing a volcano


Exposure to the Russian Internet Research Agency foreign influence campaign on Twitter in the 2016 US election and its relationship to attitudes and voting behavior
Come to the ‘war cry party’: How social media helped drive mayhem in Brazil
Panic grips Special Forces community amid investigation into drugs, human trafficking
Was your home once off-limits to non-Whites? These maps can tell you.
Who Is Planting Weird Antennas All Over the Foothills of Salt Lake City?
How does Metro’s proposed rail fare hike compare to other cities?
Kevin McCarthy ‘won’ the House speakership. Now the country will pay the price
The Message (Max speakrun, you donate)
Tranq Dope: Animal Sedative Mixed With Fentanyl Brings Fresh Horror to U.S. Drug Zones
“Progressive” Capitalists are Still Capitalists and They Still Hate Labor
The Destructionists review: brilliant study of Republican rage pre-Trump
Tipping Is Weird Now
‘The Democrats, the Republicans and the Freedom Caucus’: Inside the right’s plans to seize power in the new Congress
Why did antivaxxers seize on the Damar Hamlin case?
Walgreens Executive Says Shoplifting Threat Was Overstated
Anatomy of a Con: The Mark. The targets of right-wing scams will empty their bank accounts to try to make the earth stand still
Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein should resign. His attack on a fellow justice wasn’t just ugly and unprofessional, it calls into question his impartiality and fitness to serve on the court
Racist Mass Violence Isn’t Incidental To White Conservatism—It Is Its Defining Feature
Grant Wahl Was a Loving Husband. I Will Always Protect His Legacy.
Big Meat just can’t quit antibiotics
Widening Highways Doesn’t Fix Traffic. So Why Do We Keep Doing It?
More US schools institute mask mandates as COVID cases rise
D.C.’s New Attorney General On Crime, The Commanders, And Co-Existing With The Mayor
Bowser Sets Goal Of Increasing D.C.’s Population And Black Incomes Over Next Five Years

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