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What the NY Times Presidential Endorsements Say About the Traditional Media

If you’re like most sentient humans, you don’t care whom the NY Times editorial board decided to endorse for president. But the ‘logic’ behind the endorsement of Clinton is revealing. The Mandarin Class still doesn’t get it.
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A Federal Agency More Stupid Than the Office of Human Research Protections

Say hello to the Office on National Drug Control Policy and to faith-based drug overdose prevention.
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‘Hopeful Monsters’: Nothing in Evolution Makes Sense Except in the Light of E. coli (and Shigella)

Bacterial evolution muddies up the water.
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Bush: Methodist Preacher or Horse Thief?

Bush demonstrates why art education is important.
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This Is Why I Left Long Island

Race is going to an issue in the 2008 elections, definitely.
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Senator Kennedy Writes the Mad Biologist

So I wrote Senator Kennedy (and Senator Kerry) an email about the upcoming FISA/retroactive immunity legislation. Here’s his response.
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The Morality of Walking Away: How Deregulation Hurts a Conservative Ethos

You’re a sucker if you do play by those ‘old’ rules of thrift and prudent spending.
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