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Anti-Vax Idiocy Gets Mainstreamed by ABC TV

I’m posting about this because I want Orac’s head to explode.
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Creationists Are TEH STUPID: The Natural Experiment Edition

If creationists are going to be stupid, couldn’t they at least be creative about it? Once again, they misunderstand the potential and limits of experimentation.
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Some (Relatively) Good News About Piggies and Resistant Bacteria

An epidemic strain of MRSA doesn’t survive very well in the food chain.
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Time Magazine: One Out of Five Iraq War Veterans Has Experienced Brain Trauma

Time magazine, Time will run with a story claiming that twenty percent of Iraq War veterans have suffered brain trauma.
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Rabies, Annual Influenza, and Low Hanging Fruit

Eliminating rabies and greatly reducing influenza deaths could be done. Yet we do nothing.
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Stock Markets Tank…Everywhere

It takes real skill to simultaneously screw up munies and the stock market.
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Why Are Investment Banks Laying Off Employees?

You’re probably aware that major banks and investment firms have taken huge financial hits. As a result, they are laying off thousands of workers. This puzzles me.
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Feral Pigs, Spinach, and E. coli O157:H7

According to a recent article, the explanation for the contaminated spinach just got a lot more complicated. And LOLFeral Pigs too.
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Martin Luther King: “All Labor Has Worth”

What is forgotten–often willfully–is that King was an advocate for economic justice.
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Municipal Bonds Hurt by ‘Subprime’ Loan Crisis

That bond issue to build a new school or road just became more expensive. Say hello to higher property and sales taxes or cuts in services.
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