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Senator Obama, Enough with the Fuzzy Wuzzy Talk

I don’t want “hope”, I want good policies, politics, and results. Obama demonstrates exactly how not to argue against Republican militarism.
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Yersinia pestis and the Black Death

Did Yersinia pestis cause the Black Death? ScienceBlogling Tara says yes.
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Beijing Olympics: Don’t Breath the Air?

Some people erroneously, since the U.S. water supply system is actually cleaner than most bottled waters, buy bottled water to avoid contaminated water. Unfortunately, there’s no way to buy bottled air. And in Beijing, air pollution is a real threat.
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Five Simple Steps to Cutting Nosocomial Deaths

A couple of weeks back I posted about the Office of Human Research Protections’ shutting down a highly effective infection control program. Here’s the list of the five things the hospitals used to combat hospital-acquired infections
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The Big Two Dems Display the Quality of Leadership-iness

If you think that preventing retroactivity immunity for the telcos is a good thing, you might expect political candidates to demonstrate leadership by filibustering the bill.
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What’s Your News IQ?

Unlike most internet quizes, here’s one that seems designed not to be ridiculous.
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Anti-Vax Idiocy Gets Mainstreamed by ABC TV

I’m posting about this because I want Orac’s head to explode.
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