The Stupidest Building Name in Boston Is…

…The Newbry. It’s just craptacular. It used to be called the New England Life building, as it was the home of New England Life Insurance (originally it was an MIT building; MIT was located in Back Bay originally, and then moved to Cambridge). However, it was renamed The Newbry in a desperate attempt to be hip. Not the Newbury, as in Newbury Street–the building borders Newbury Street. Of course, it also borders Boylston Street, so they could have called it The Boylston–or maybe The Boylstn.

Anyway, I’m apparently not the only one who hates the name as this sign at Copley Square station suggests:


What a stupid name.

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  1. Duane Leet says:

    You kneejerk jumping to conclusions. There are a lot of Newbry’s. Google. What you think is the name of a street or section may be the name of a person. Where I live, the Peace Center is not “World Peace” but the name of a family.

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