Links 6/14/18

Links for you. Science:

Many breast cancer patients can skip chemo, big study finds
Is Hong Kong’s HK$2 billion love of the dried seafood fish maw worth endangering a species?
What made Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano eruption so deadly?
Eerie silence falls on Shetland cliffs that once echoed to seabirds’ cries
GMO Golden Rice Offers No Nutritional Benefits Says FDA


Commander Salamander Recreated For Wonder Woman 2 (turn it into a ‘pop-up’ museum; I’m sure there are enough locals who could donate some items)
The Democratic Party’s 2018 View of Identity Politics Is Confusing, and Thus Appears Cynical and Opportunistic
NFL cheerleaders march on the NFL bosses
EPA chief Scott Pruitt tapped aide, donors to help wife land job at conservative group
Democrats Should Reject Bernanke’s ‘Wily E. Coyote’ Criticism of Trump’s Deficits
Can Makers Save RadioShack?
African Immigrants Excel Academically. Why Don’t African Americans?
This Is What a Nuclear Bomb Looks Like
Kelly Towles: More Than Part-Time
Rep. Steve King, House Republicans’ own hate group leader, approvingly retweets British neo-Nazi
Haunted by a mugshot: how predatory websites exploit the shame of arrest
Trump will end up agreeing that North Korea can keep its nukes
The Jewish Opera Italy Couldn’t Bear to Hear
California woman ‘in shock’ after ICE agents detain father, a legal resident, outside home
He’s Not a ‘Firebrand,’ and He’s Not a ‘Far-Right Activist’
It’s Boom Time in Griftopia

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  1. realthog says:

    EPA chief Scott Pruitt tapped aide, donors to help wife land job at conservative group

    Pass the smelling salts. For a moment I read that as “conservation group.”

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