D.C. Does Need Another Political Party. But One Of Them Can’t Be The Republican Party

Over the last couple weeks, there have been some articles and tweetstorms about how D.C. (not Wor-Shing-Tun, but the District of Columbia) needs to be a two-party state. This is largely prompted by next Tuesday’s primaries, with for all intents and purposes, will be the general election results–D.C. is incredibly Democratic, and the winners of the Democratic primaries will move on to win the general election. I don’t disagree, in that a two-party system would make it harder to be corrupt (e.g., Bowser, if asked by Fort Myer Construction, would build a sacrificial pit to Moloch). But there’s a problem: the Republican Party as currently constituted can’t be the alternative party.

D.C. will have a $15/hour minimum wage in 2021, and stands a good chance of passing a $15/hour wage for tipped workers. Republicans, well…

D.C. has had a long-standing needle exchange program, preventing thousands of HIV infections. Republicans, well…

D.C. is staunchly pro-gun control. Republicans, well…

I’ll stop with the beck and call, but the list could go on and on (and on…). Also, D.C. is about 70% ethnic, racial, and religious minorities. Republicans are currently a white nationalist party.

There is a Republican running for election in Ward 6, and he seems pretty much in line with your typical D.C. Democrat: he wants to expand public housing and mass transit, for example. But he’s also a Judicial Watch conspiracist who pushed the Clinton email story–and is proud of that. But even the batshitloonitarians, on policy that affects people’s lives, realize they have to promote left-leaning policy, if they want to be remotely competitive in D.C.

There probably would be room for a Working Families Party (or some equivalent thereof) in D.C. In other words, there could be a party that is a New/moderate Democrat hybrid and another which, in days of yore, would be referred to as a liberal Democratic party. And if Republicans eventually reposition themselves as New Democrats, then, sure, maybe they would have a shot.

But Republicans, as they currently exist? Well…

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One Response to D.C. Does Need Another Political Party. But One Of Them Can’t Be The Republican Party

  1. kernel says:

    Greens have been promoting DC Statehood for decades…

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