Links 3/14/22

Links for you. Science:

Correction of scientific literature: Too little, too late!
Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 delta variant (AY.127) from pet hamsters to humans, leading to onward human-to-human transmission: a case study
Examining the robustness of 3ft versus 6ft of physical distancing in schools: a reanalysis of van den Berg et al. (2021) (behind paywall unfortunately, but the original flawed paper was driven by data errors)
Lead from gasoline blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population, study says
The Coronavirus’s Next Move. Here are four shapes that the next variant might take—which will also dictate the shape of our response.
This Is How Covid Started. And Here’s How We Stop the Next One. The lab leak theory is dead. Covid-19’s true origins show why we need better disease surveillance of wild and domesticated animals alike.


Five Hard Truths About Ukraine. Never Again is about to become… Again (I hope he’s wrong, but I fear not)
Why Isn’t Brittney Griner the Biggest Sports Story in the Country?
Trump reminds us why electing him in 2024 would be a disaster
I Truly Cannot Believe How Dumb This Convoy Shit Is
Anti-Abortion Politicians Are Now Taking Inspiration From the Fugitive Slave Act
TSA to extend mask mandate for planes, public transportation until April 18
How You Doing Idaho?
The War in Ukraine Seen on the Ground. Interview with Oksana Dutchak
Florida’s latest anti-health political stunt is to cast doubt on kids’ vaccines
Putin Is a Fossil-Fuel Gangster. Clean Energy Could Cut Him Off at the Knees
Philly health department admits the city is far less vaccinated against COVID-19 than it has been saying
How Western Firms Quietly Enabled Russian Oligarchs. Investment, law and lobbying firms have helped enmesh Kremlin-linked oligarchs into the Western financial and legal systems.
When Railing Against Cancel Culture Is About Railing Against Accountability
How the West Undermines Its Own Sanctions
Is Putin Crazy? Or Did He Just Get Some Bad Intel?
Progressive groups urge senators to reject Biden district court pick
Democrats are taking a GOP beating on Ukraine. This senator has a better idea.
Calls to Fire Louis DeJoy Grow as Senate Passes Postal Service Reform Bill
Russians in Washington opposed to the war are defying Putin and standing with Ukraine
They Died by a Bridge in Ukraine. This Is Their Story.
Gas Leaf Blowers Are Banned in DC. How’s That Going?
The NRA Can’t Erase Its Ties to a Russian Agent Who Targeted Ukraine
Decline in hate-group numbers disguises how deeply extremism has spread within the GOP
Not just Putin: Most Russians support the war in Ukraine

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