Links 4/23/23

Links for you. Science:

Grateful Med: Direct access to MEDLINE for health professionals with personal computers (blast from the past…)
Vaccines Alone Cannot Slow the Evolution of SARS-CoV-2
High risk of autoimmune diseases after COVID-19
Point Prevalence Estimates of Activity-Limiting Long-term Symptoms Among United States Adults ≥1 Month After Reported Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection, 1 November 2021
Italian study shows ventilation can cut school COVID cases by 82% (paper here)
New (Itchy) COVID Symptom Reported as ‘Arcturus’ Fuels NY Area Spread


Downtowns Have Always Evolved. They Won’t Stop Now.
Of Course This Is How the Intelligence Leak Happened
The Willful Ignorance & Pandemic Mismanagement of Shira Doron
The Far Right Is Roiled by an Underage-Sex Scandal (actual grooming)
Just Ignoring Facts
U.S. House Votes To Overturn D.C. Police Reforms
D.C. officials hope new USC campus can aid in downtown’s comeback. Students at the University of Southern California have shown they are willing to travel to D.C. in the spirit of in-person learning
An Oklahoma Sheriff Was Recorded Allegedly Talking About Killing a Reporter
There’s a big hole in the Dominion-Fox News settlement
Fox Journalism
North Dakota GOP passes measure to make ballot initiatives harder and thwart progressive victories
You Have to Think of Trump’s Election as Year Zero: Because Republican voters say they don’t want any part of a Republican party that looks anything like it did before 2016.
The party of big, intrusive government? That would be the GOP.
What Is Happening
Get a Load of Fox News’s Statement About Its $787.5 Million Settlement
Musk’s Twitter Decides Misgendering and Deadnaming Are OK, Actually
Banks Try to Make Security Customer-Friendly. Not a Good Mix.
Ron DeSantis’ Disney obsession: Why he can’t let it go
The Twilight of Dianne Feinstein
Imgur Is About to Wipe a Ton of Porn From the Internet
Mask use in Japan at 86% despite eased guidelines, AI analysis finds
Biden Can Steamroll Republicans on the Debt Ceiling: And Fed Chair Jay Powell won’t interfere.
Texas cities have adopted ordinances to benefit workers. Sweeping legislation could roll many back.
Clarence Thomas Can Do No Wrong
No Labels Took More Than $100,000 From Clarence Thomas Buddy Harlan Crow

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