Links 4/22/23

Links for you. Science:

Feral hogs are the invasive menace you’ve never thought about
Virginia Norwood, ‘Mother’ of Satellite Imaging Systems, Dies at 96. A pioneer in aerospace, she invented a technology that has enabled scientists to map and study the earth for more than 50 years.
Durability of Bivalent Boosters against Omicron Subvariants
Why Russia’s war in Ukraine is bad news for polar bears, too. The invasion is first and foremost a human tragedy, but it is also dire for wildlife, stalling scientific work on polar bears and other wildlife threatened with extinction
What to know about Arcturus, a new coronavirus subvariant the WHO is tracking
This is a giant polychaete (Phylum Annelida, segmented worms) from the genus Eulagisca


SARS-CoV-2 surged in hospitals after end of universal screening
Our Problem Isn’t Polarization. It’s Fascism. A new paper makes the case.
FDA okays second omicron booster for people at high risk from covid
Biden is literally phoning in his response to GOP extremism
COVID-19 remains a profound health threat, and we should still act like it is
Back to the future: Redefining “universal precautions” to include masking for all patient encounters
The Ghost of a Trump Appointee Is Haunting Merrick Garland’s Justice Department
The Bigger Story Behind the Charter School That Requires Girls to Wear Skirts
Why reports of period weirdness after covid shots were ignored
The Case of the iPhone Case Poll
Plutocratic Power and Its Perils
Let’s all stop pretending anyone but Trump will be the GOP presidential nominee
Yes in Our Backyards: It’s time progressives like me learned to love the green building boom.
Clarence Thomas’s explanations fail the laugh test
New audio shows Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo followed Trump campaign directives to promote January 6
Progressives Fear Business Interests Have Dominated a Key Tax Policy Group Guiding Future Budgets
Kevin McCarthy is botching MAGA’s top issue. Step up, Democrats.
All Of My Friends Were Enamored By The Guy Who Handed Out Million Dollar Bills To Us
The Violent Fantasy Behind the Texas Governor’s Pardon Demand
Too Much Credit
Investing in Adolescents
What Kind of Dad Are You? Are you a crunchy dad? A silky dad? A no-nonsense dad? A co-sleeping dad?
Sure Why Not
Only Republicans Can Save Her Now

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