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‘Curating’ Twitter Is Hard?

As someone who spends part of his time curating biology stuff, I don’t get this common tech press claim (boldface mine; behind paywall): But algorithmic feeds– which yes, power users freak out about– make Twitter seem more approachable. The biggest … Continue reading

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Twitter Is Run By Idiots

With the latest Twitter improvement–which pulls random tweets into my timeline out of order–I’ve finally become exasperated with Twitter. Does anyone at that company actually use their own product? I realize the harassment issue is ‘hard’–which is to say, it … Continue reading

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How To Replace the Twitter Heart

After last week’s Twitter storm over the switching of the gold star “favorite” icon. to a heart-shaped “like” (that does a Magic Pony sparkly thing when you click it!), I’ve stumbled across this post describing how you can change the … Continue reading

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Why The Twitter Icon Uproar Is Sort of Important

Last week, Twitter changed its “Favorite” gold star icon to a “Like” heart icon–and when you like something, the heart does a sparkly starburst thing. People were upset with the change, which inevitably led to self-righteous exclamations of “Don’t you … Continue reading

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Is Google’s Supposed Weakness an Engineering Mindset? Or Just Bad Luck?

While Google might not have been successful with its social media attempts to date, it’s not clear to me that they were any more stupid than Facebook or Twitter.
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Revolution Is an Idea Which Has Found Its Tweets?

One can tweet the phrase “I have a dream”, but not the speech–and it’s the whole speech that matters.
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Twitter Thoughts

Twitter: a good blog aggregator. What else do you think you can do with it?
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