Elongated Muskrat, I Want Smellovision

I’m absolutely fascinated, in a car wreck kind of way, watching Elongated Muskrat repeatedly punch himself in the nuts. Not only is elon stonks go down (aka ‘Tesla share prices are dropping’), but he seems to be crappifying Twitter at an increasing rate.

His newest Twitter genius brainstorm is to provide the number of impressions (essentially views of a tweet). I’m not sure why he wants to do this, unless he thinks this will convince some people who are thinking of leaving that there are still a lot of people reading their tweets. For me, it’s convinced me of what I already suspected: while many of my current followers are ‘real’ (not bots), they’re just not on Twitter that much. I guessed a while ago that perhaps five percent of my nominal followers see any particular tweet and this confirms that hunch. For me, it’s encouraging me to do more on Mastodon, where I get better engagement. Given my paltry number of followers (in the grand scheme of things), my declining presence will hurt in that I’m a dedicated reader (someone needs to read the tweets of the high follower accounts). Can’t really lose the hoi polloi.

That said, what I really want is Smellovision a count of how many followers are viewing my timeline (I assume the algorithm does nothing for my views). That actually would be a useful thing for people who care about views.

Also, fewer Nazis (including the big fella, who seems kind of Nazi-curious).

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