Links 12/25/22

Gut Yontif to those celebrating! Links for you. Science:

Scientists Overlooked the Snake Clitoris, Until Now
An Ancient ‘Horizon Calendar’ Comes Into View Over Mexico City
Mild COVID-19 imprints a long-term inflammatory eicosanoid- and chemokine memory in monocyte-derived macrophages
The rise and fall of peer review (not sure I agree, but interesting)
Post-Publication Review Is Vital For Science
Coronavirus boosters cut hospitalization risk by at least 50%, CDC data shows


How an abolitionist painting set in D.C. became proslavery propaganda
Schumer Freezes Antitrust Bills After Big Tech Lobbyists Bundled Millions
In D.C., a mayoral critic is on the outs. Again.
We’re witnessing the brain death of Twitter
Vaccines saved lives. DeSantis threatens that progress.
Actually, San Francisco Isn’t That Liberal and Never Was
We’re drowning in old books. But getting rid of them is heartbreaking.
Crypto Bros Want Your 401(k)
PLOS flags nearly 50 papers by controversial French COVID researcher for ethics concerns
Art Nouveau doors from c. 1900 in Budapest, Hungary.
Aliens haven’t contacted Earth because there’s no sign of intelligence here, new answer to the Fermi paradox suggests
Republicans have a new version of ‘Lock her up!’
The deadly viral pandemic has been a boon to the anti-vax movement
America is here to save the World Cup in 2026. You’re welcome, world.
What in the World Is Happening in Israel? (clock stopped twice a day…)
The Rise of Tombstone Public Art and Architecture in Seattle
Food delivery drivers are clogging city streets. Can Boston fix the problem?
‘Superman’ Actor Henry Cavill Is Moving On To Lead Amazon’s ‘Warhammer 40K’ Series
China’s COVID Wave Is Coming: The world’s most populous nation is being forced onto a zero-COVID off-ramp.
A Culture of [Blood] Cultures: Why hasn’t rapid sequencing for serious infections and sepsis become standard of care? (as something as an expert on this, I think he underestimates the technical difficulties)
Why Musk’s meltdown matters.
Now they’re trying to add ‘quiet thriving’ to the fake workplace trend
The Journalism Business Is Bad, but We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone
We Are Never More Free with Our Speech than When Arguing About Free Speech
Democrats Don’t Have to Settle for Battling to a Draw

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