Links 12/26/22

Links for you. Science:

The episodic resurgence of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 virus
Inside the Brain of an Octopus. The brain of an octopus has some similarities to humans, and shows many signs of high intelligence.
Long-COVID Sufferers Are Flocking to a Texas Clinic to Treat Smell Disorders. But Does the Remedy Work?
COVID spurs boom in genome sequencing for infectious diseases. From dengue to Ebola, laboratories in Asia and Africa are using sequencing technology and skills acquired during the pandemic to track endemic diseases quickly.
Mucosal Immunity After Novel COVID-19 Infection – Virus-Induced Immunosuppression: Preliminary Study
Optics, rain, and car headlights


Elon’s stale playbook: At Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk was a jerk with a grand vision. At Twitter, he’s just a jerk.
Oppo Research
Three Cheers For Content Moderation
Update: Twitter Lifts Suspension Of Account That Tracked Helicopters In D.C.
Splash! Army Engineers To Study Possible Swimming Beaches On D.C.’s Rivers
The D.C. region needs more housing. The time to act is now.
Idaho community college becomes living example of how far-right power grabs hollow out institutions
The Case for Mask Mandates
Sam Bankman-Fried Is Where Media Patronage Was Always Headed
The One Thing that Grows in the West Without Water: Violence
Beware the Do-Gooders: How a new class of capitalists couched their profit-seeking in the language of social justice and altruism
Because He Paid Them
Making Sense Of Elon Musk
He’s Just A Really Dumb Guy
Making Sense of Elon Musk
Trump Campaign’s Big Idea: Get the NFT-Hawking Former President to Focus on “Policy”
House Democrats Are Whittling Away at Trump’s Paths to the Presidency
Misinformer of the Year: Tucker Carlson
Elon Musk’s Twitter Troubles May Pop the Balloon of His Reputation as a Genius Visionary
Some of WaPo’s Star Reporters Join the Union After Shock Layoff News
How Trump and Elon build their cults: Exploiting right-wing insecurity
What One Black Judge’s Family History Can Teach Us About Justice
Remember When Bush-Era College Republicans Sang About Slaughtering “the Left”?
Eric Adams’s Public Library Cuts Would Devastate a System Average New Yorkers Need

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