Links 12/28/18

Links for you. Science:

Saturn’s rings are halfway to their death
Widespread, occasional use of antibiotics in U.S. linked with resistance (paper here)
N.I.H. to Scrutinize Private Donations to Scientific Research Projects
Meet some of our oddest, oldest fishes — as they rapidly approach extinction
We jumped from planes without parachutes (and lived to tell the tale)


Beto O’Rourke frequently voted for Republican legislation, analysis reveals
Distinctions Without Differences
2018: Photographs by Darrow Montgomery
China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Plan in Pakistan Takes a Military Turn
Why Tom Brady’s Decline Sucks Even for Tom Brady Haters
Special Ed. Advocates Call for Investigation Into Unlicensed Company Serving Charter Students
The Real Roots of American Rage
Amazon and Facebook Reportedly Had a Secret Data-Sharing Agreement, and It Explains So Much
New figures shows decline in number of low-income workers who ride Metro
The Fresno Bee and the War on Local News
The Catholic Church Is a Worldwide Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice
No, history was not unfair to the Triangle Shirtwaist factory owners
Progressives Accuse Steny Hoyer of Trying to Kneecap Green New Deal Committee to Shield Fossil Fuel Execs
Russian Agents Sought Secret US Treasury Records On Clinton Backers During 2016 Campaign (this is bad. Something is really rotten at Treasury.)
‘Fake News’ sign planted at San Antonio’s Holocaust museum
Oslo Metro Taps Zaha Hadid Architects for Its Expansion
Immigrants Make Up 15 Percent Of D.C.’s Population
Comparing racism from different eras: If only Tucker Carlson had been around in the 1950s he could’ve been a New York Intellectual.

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