Ezra Klein Becomes an Insider

So sayeth Klein (boldface mine):

I talked to Klein shortly after the convention and asked whether he thought Ryan had used wonkery to cloak a rigid ideological agenda, partly by engaging with fellow policy geeks like himself. Klein demurred, saying that it should have been clear to everyone for some time now that Ryan is a “very, very ambitious politician who is also a very fluent policy wonk.” He disputed the premise that he had given Ryan bipartisan cover at a crucial point in the congressman’s career: “I don’t think of the blog as making an argument for liberalism. At this point in my life, I don’t really think of myself as a liberal. That’s not the project I’m part of, which is to let the facts take me where they do. That’s why I gave him better coverage when the numbers added up and less so when they didn’t.”

Of course, Ryan’s numbers never added up, especially in the earlier iterations. Not exactly providing good ‘value added’ to the readers.

I also like how he was originally brought on as a liberal (albeit a well-behaved, housebroken one), and now considers us beneath him. Guess the gig must pay really well.

An aside: Klein’s also an idiot about antibiotic resistance too.

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