Links 5/28/16

Links for you. Science:

Memo to House Republicans: Zika Is Not a Game. The White House might not have to beg for so much emergency funding if America’s public-health infrastructure hadn’t already been starved by budget cuts.
Creationist to biologist: how my past informs teaching & advocacy of evolution
Beyoncé and LIGO: Stochastic Awareness of Science Is Probably Okay
I did my research. Yes, I think academic publishers are greedy. (With notes on publishers’ rhetoric and creationism)
80 Percent of Young Environmental Scientists Could Use More Natural History Training


Brazil’s New Government Shows Its Colors: All White, All Male, Ultra-Conservative
Clash of the Unpopular Titans
The Most Reliably Democratic County in America Just Sent Hillary Clinton a Signal
Trump fever in Appalachia raises warning signs for Clinton in coal country
American Military Technology Has Come Home—to Your Local Police Force
Donald Trump, America’s Own Silvio Berlusconi
How Quarterbacks Are Made
Highways gutted American cities. So why did they build them?
“Do Not Resist” and the Crisis of Police Militarization
We don’t need self-driving cars – we need to ditch our vehicles entirely
Black armor
Isn’t it Time to Stop Calling it “The National Debt”?
Why solving homelessness is stupidly easy
The Design Evolution Of Your Favorite Soda Cans From 1948 Until Today
The Media Attacks Urbanism
Some Are Fed Up With Democracy; Most Want More of It
Revealed: Leaks show senate staffer threatened Colombia with loss of foreign aid over cheap cancer drug

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