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Looking For Electoral Love In All The Wrong Places

Or, where is the genius Democratic consultant who can increase turnout? Damon Linker notes (boldface mine): This would seem to imply that the most electorally formidable leftist candidate would combine Bernie Sanders’ economic populism with modest immigration restrictions (Socialism for … Continue reading

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Links 6/26/17

Links for you. Science: How the world’s first accountants counted on cuneiform Turkey Drops Evolution From Curriculum, Angering Secularists ESKAPE pathogens expressing mcr-1 have varying colistin resistance phenotypes Antibiotic Eye Drops Often Unhelpful for Pinkeye NASA just debunked Gwyneth Paltrow’s … Continue reading

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Men Against Death

Observed at the New Orleans Convention Center, New Orleans, LA: And always push your catalog:

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Good Thing The U.S. Government Doesn’t Believe In Global Warming

Because if it did, we’re going to need more supercomputers (boldface mine): Sadly for America, the upgraded Piz Dain pushes the Department of Energy’s Titan supercomputer, which is housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, into fourth spot. Able to make … Continue reading

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Links 6/25/17

Links for you. Science: The Government Created This Zika Vaccine. Why Should Big Pharma Reap the Profits? EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s new slogan is nonsense Gwyneth Paltrow shows that the Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface was ahead of its time, as … Continue reading

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The Press Corps And Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Like Mass Transit)

Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung writes (boldface mine): By now, you must have read that The Boston Globe has moved downtown from our longtime home in Dorchester, where most employees drove to work and enjoyed free parking. No such perk … Continue reading

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Links 6/24/17

Links for you. Science: Collecting Biosamples for Research Is Important. So Are the People From Whom They Are Taken. EPA just gave notice to dozens of scientific advisory board members that their time is up Australian scientists went looking for … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist links: Sunday Sermon: Both Sides Don’t Agree On Common Goals WMATA/Metro’s Worst Idea Yet Morning After Not Feeling So Good About Ossoff’s Chances Politics in New Orleans ‘Because I Don’t Want Republicans To Kill My … Continue reading

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Links 6/23/17

Links for you. Science: Why Are Bird Eggs Egg-Shaped? An Eggsplainer A massive and unprecedented coral bleaching event may finally be coming to an end A Scientist Didn’t Disclose Important Data—and Let Everyone Believe a Popular Weedkiller Causes Cancer In … Continue reading

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American Shame

A disabled protestor opposed to the Republican AHCA after being detained by Congressional security forces: Because people don’t want to be killed by Republicans. History will condemn Republicans and God will damn them.

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