Links 5/28/14

Links for you. Science:

Psychology’s real replication problem: our Methods sections
The Science of the One-Inch Punch: Physiology and neuroscience combine to explain Bruce Lee’s master move.
What is principal component analysis? (interesting, not sure I agree, but good discussion of PCA)
How Two Economists Got Direct Access to IRS Tax Records
The NRA has been blocking a nominee for surgeon general since February


‘Unpacking the First Fundamental Law’ (a left-wing critique, albeit wonky, of Piketty)
How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star
Christopher Michael-Martinez’s Father Gets It Right
National Zoo Welcomes Three New Elephants
How Obamacare Will Screw Black Doctors: By tying doctor pay to patient satisfaction scores, Obamacare’s “pay for performance” system is going to disproportionately hurt minority doctors. Here’s why.
Down With Big Gun
Today’s teenagers are the best-behaved generation on record
The case for abolishing the TSA
Once-hailed salad bars gone from city’s schools
On Trigger Warnings and “Scientific Arguments”
Eight Things Not To Say During a Presentation
European Voters Deliver the Revenge of the Nation-State (neo-liberals, stop enabling fascism)
REVEALED: The head of Omidyar Networks in India had a secret second job… Helping elect Narendra Modi
A quick rhetorical question

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  1. Horace Boothroyd III says:

    The word neoliberal, like communist and antisemite, has been drained of all meaning. Like calling someone a poopyhead, it indicates only that you do not like the person in question.

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