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Atomic Kid

Observed at the National Building Museum, Judiciary Square, D.C.:

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The Business Rents Are Still Too Damn High

One reason we see so many ‘fast casual’ restaurants, which are basically ordinary, quick if not fast, food, but at thirty to forty percent higher prices, is due to high business rents: When it comes to food, in too many … Continue reading

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I’m Thankful That Amazon Didn’t Come To D.C.

Last week, when Amazon decided to set up sorta-kinda-headquarters in Crystal City and in Long Island City, NY, I was glad D.C. wasn’t going to waste any money on enriching the wealthiest man in the world. Given how Crystal City, … Continue reading

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DOPA And The Classic D.C. Governance Problem

And by D.C. I mean the local government, not Wor-Shing-Tun. D.C. has the habit of passing excellent laws, and then neither funding nor enforcing them–that would be hard, and make people uncomfortable! Case in point, DOPA (boldface mine): D.C. Mayor … Continue reading

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The Problem With Local Reporting: Who Is She?

It seems D.C. Mayor and Glorified ANC Member Muriel Bowser has got herself in trouble again (boldface mine): The payments from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s campaign to Kimberly Lockett started just before the primary election. On June 11, eight days before … Continue reading

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WMATA/Metro Unveils New Plan To Win Back Riders

And it doesn’t suck. Here’s what Metro is proposing: Extended frequent service. Trains would run at rush hour frequencies (every eight minutes) until 10 am instead of 9:30 am. In the evening, trains would run rush hour service until 8:30 … Continue reading

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Paid Leave And D.C.’s Petite–And Petty–Bourgeoisie

So The Washington Post only endorsed Reeder for the At-Large Council position, citing opposition to Silverman on the basis of her support of D.C.’s paid family leave law. This should be expected for an editorial page run by Fred Hiatt … Continue reading

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