Remember, Remember, the Fourth of November

V is for voting
Sadly, what I wrote two years ago is still germane. Vote Democratic, so it won’t be two years from now:

Time to go vote. We need sane people governing the country, and you sure as hell can’t find them in the Republican party. As Andrew Sullivan put it, “This isn’t an election, it’s an intervention.” After years of being called traitors, weaklings, and cowards because we correctly opposed Little Lord Pontchartrain’s Excellent Iraqi Adventure, and after being called sluts and whores because we don’t think that a to-be-discarded blastula is equal to Michael J. Fox, that pregnancy should be used as punishment, and that cervical cancer should be used as coercion, and after watching ‘faith-based’, magical Peter Pan thinking screw up everything (got FEMA?), we need a change.
Take the country back for the Coalition of the Sane. Vote Democratic. (And I haven’t even mentioned the Republican War on Science…)

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  1. llewelly says:

    It will be two years from now anyway. The dems are not likely to get enough senate votes to break a filibuster.

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