Republicans Hope for Racist Base to Reassert Itself…

…or one more reason why decent people should vote Democratic. Republican Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania bluntly spells out the only way McCain wins his state:

There are a “couple of hidden factors” in this election, said Specter. “The first is that people answer pollsters one way, but in the secrecy of the ballot booth, vote the other way.”
Yes. That is what he said, to a chorus of hopeful affirmation. Arlen Specter was openly — in public, into a microphone — crossing his fingers, and hoping for racism.

Keep in mind that this isn’t some wackaloon attending a Sturmabteilungen hatefest Palin rally, this is a sitting Republican U.S. Senator, who, according to the Punditocracy, is a moderate Republican. To steal Karl Rove’s phrase, the Republican ‘math’ requires racism for electoral victory.
At this point, the best thing that can be said about the Republican Party is that it is an epidemic communicable psychological illness. To embrace our original sin, racism, in an attempt to gain political power is the ultimate character statement. It says that the modern Republican party has no character. None at all.

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9 Responses to Republicans Hope for Racist Base to Reassert Itself…

  1. Specter is in general a very honest Senator. Moreover, he could not be talking about racism but rather some other effect such as the Shy Conservative Factor (see )

  2. Joshua says:

    What do they have to be shy about, if not their racism? (Well, ok, I guess there’s the fact that their stupid, petty bullshit has wrecked the military and ruined the economy… But apart from that, it’s the racism.)

  3. TomJoe says:

    Mike must live in a black and white world (pun intended, I suppose) where he can tar and feather (pun intended, yet again) every Republican without much resistance, if for no other reason than his own political ideology. That’s exactly what Science Blogs has turned out to be over the last several months. A site of divisive political schtick by hacks who obviously have nothing better to do than rail against those they hate, and barely touch any science subjects of much significance (and when they do, they merely pay it lip service).

  4. Lettuce says:

    And, if not Mike, perhaps you must live there?

  5. TomJoe says:

    Listen Mr. Produce, as much as I’d like to play the game of “Vilify People Who Don’t Agree With Me”, it doesn’t get one very far. If what I’ve read about Obama is true — if he wins — people like Mike might wind up rather disappointed on a number of issues. If Obama is as set on uniting people rather than dividing them, Mike won’t be able to tar and feather everyone from the party he obviously dislikes so much. Too bad, so sad.
    It’s vitriol like this which makes unifying this country so damn near impossible, even though it is greatly needed.

  6. CBBB says:

    Look, while I’m sure there are many Republicans voting for McCain because of political reasons, the fact remains that the quote above pretty clearly shows that a US Senator is hoping for many voters to vote based on race in order to swing the election.
    TomJoe if racism isn’t playing a part on the Republican side maybe you want to explain some of those videos of Palin rallies over on YouTube?

  7. TomJoe says:

    Actually, the quote given by Specter (not the Salon editorialization of his quote in the second sentence) above says no such thing. People may very well feel uncomfortable saying who they are voting for, for a number of reasons.
    Besides, I imagine there are a fair number on the Democrat side who will be voting based on race for Obama.

  8. jack says:

    You are a clown. You completely took a quote out of contect from CNN late edition when Specter was talking about Murtha being a racist. You are clueless and dangerous. Stop spreading lies.

  9. wesele says:

    TomJoe if racism isn’t playing a part on the Republican side maybe you want to explain some of those videos of Palin rallies over on YouTube?

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