Manchin Was Negotiating in Bad Faith All Along

So this came across the transom–and most establishment Democrats belatedly agree with it:

Manchin is both a narcissist and an ideologue. He is a classic New Democrat ideologue, including the vintage 1990s New Democrat bigotry, so he never wanted Build Back Better.

He’s also a narcissist, who believes, like Sen. Joe Lieberman, that he is The Last Righteous Man in the Senate™. Rub these two shitty things together, and he was never negotiating in good faith–nor was he capable of doing so. He always shifted the goalposts, and he’s enough of a narcissist to be able to convince himself that he is the aggrieved party.

And if you’re wondering what I think we can do to fix this, I have no fucking clue. Maybe UNLEASH THE BERNIE! to go scorched earth on his ass because, given his overwrought, hysterical response to Sanders’ writing a single op-ed for the largest paper in West Virginia, that might be the one thing that would scare the shit out of him. Other than that, I got nothing.

Happy Fucking Tuesday.

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1 Response to Manchin Was Negotiating in Bad Faith All Along

  1. Procopius says:

    I think you nailed it. UNLEASH THE BERN! And Bernie has said just what needs to be done, because Manchin is not the only one of these New Democrat/Blue Dog/New Wave/DLC corporatists. Bring it to a vote. Sure, we believe it can’t pass, but make the [bannable]s show themselves for what they are. Well, I guess most of them won’t, because they don’t have to — it only takes one, and he’ll probably get reelected anyway, but make him put it in the record.

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