Over 750,000 Dead and Most of Our Elected Leaders Will Pay No Price for It

In a very good piece, Brian Beutler makes an excellent observation (boldface mine):

What troubles me even more than the governing errors, though, is the fact that Republicans were able to become competitive anywhere in any blue territory in the country so soon after Trump killed hundreds of thousands of Americans with incompetence and lies, then tried to steal the election leaving dead bodies in the halls of Congress. We can’t expect memories to last forever, but we can expect them to last longer than a year. There is plenty of precedent for the kind of reckoning Republicans deserve, and the fact that the entire GOP isn’t toxic in much more of the country after what we just lived through is prima facie evidence of a political failure.

Part of the problem is that, while Republicans have been actively and aggressively malevolent, Democrats have been craven and hesitant. Most (#NotAll) have been too slow to react and far too cautious–and concerned about the wrong things. How, for example, can D.C., where there are large numbers of the adult population who are vaccinated (i.e., voters) and which is a Democratic stronghold (not many MAGAs) still be dragging its feet on vaccine requirements for non-essential activities.

The inability and unwillingness of Democrats to govern competently has undercut the ability of Democrats to campaign on COVID. Why look back when you also are at fault? When enough leadership (such as it is) on both sides of the aisle is complicit–though some are far more complicit than others–it’s hard to make the case.

Same as it ever was.

And the congregation responds: Professional Democrats suck at their jobs.

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