Links 11/10/21

Links for you. Science:

THE TOXIC TEN: How ten fringe publishers fuel 69% of digital climate change denial
Effectiveness of a third dose of BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine
‘There was no plan’: Throwing spaghetti at the wall to overcome Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy
Patients Went Into the Hospital for Care. After Testing Positive There for Covid, Some Never Came Out. (nosocomial COVID is a problem)
When are masks most useful? COVID cases offer hints
The school that pioneered polio shots will give kids the covid vaccine, too


The Working Class Is on Strike. It’s time for Washington to have their backs.
‘It’s a walkout!’ Inside the fast-food workers’ season of rebellion
The Supreme Court Is Poised to Give a Giant Gift to Gun Nuts
Reckless driving is causing a spike in traffic fatalities. We must do better.
The Narrative (“What’s going on is the kind of corruption we don’t talk about in the US, assuming it away. It isn’t “campaign contributions” which is an innocent seeming sort of bribery, but post-Congress jobs for members of Congress, their families, their staffs, and their wider influence circles.” Been saying this for over a decade)
There’s a baffling tax gift to the wealthy in the Democrats’ social-spending bill (It’s not baffling at all: many ‘moderate’ Democrats need donations and support from the top 0.1%-5%.)
Election official says voter fraud lies caused two heart attacks in suit against Trump and Giuliani
‘We are in crisis mode’: Museum workers are turning to unions over conditions they say are untenable
“There Should Be No Statute of Limitations on Stolen Land”: Kavon Ward wants to return properties seized by the government to their rightful Black owners. She did it once—now she’s starting a movement.
In North Carolina, a new Civil War memorial honors Black Union soldiers
How Thousands of Black Farmers Were Forced Off Their Land. Black people own just 2 percent of farmland in the United States. A decades-long history of loan denials at the USDA is a major reason why.
Infrastructure measure includes fund to ensure nation’s transit stations are accessible
Colin Kaepernick, the Virginia Elections, and the Canary in the Coal Mine. The recent controversy sparked by his Netflix special’s depiction of slavery and the NFL is a microcosm of the political battles defining our country.
Richard Spencer, questioned in Charlottesville trial, downplays evidence of racist and violent intent (aka, ‘when Nazis lie’)
FRETTING OVER “WOKENESS” ISN’T THE WORST THING ABOUT MAUREEN DOWD’S LATEST COLUMN (“I yield to no one in my contempt for Democrats’ poor messaging skills, but has Dowd ever considered the fact that she writes a column for the most important newspaper in America, and therefore she could actually try explaining to that paper’s 7.8 millon subscribers some of what’s in the bill?”)
With minimal transportation platform, Youngkin will take over a Virginia with many road, rail priorities (running on racial resentment also means you don’t have to describe difficult policies…)
The House of Faberge made 52 “Imperial” eggs as Easter gifts for Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II to give to their wives and moms. 46 of these survive. I will rank all 46 Imperial Faberge eggs.
Aaron Rodgers and vaccine-skeptic whataboutism
Religion looms large for some hospital workers refusing COVID vaccine
Nearing Monday coronavirus vaccine deadline, thousands of federal workers seek religious exemptions to avoid shots
Mass. and Cass cleanup has mixed success, as special court faces renewed criticism
Austria bans the unvaccinated from restaurants as COVID-19 cases surge
Young People Lying Flat Has Been a Long Time Coming
It’s Time for Biden to Go on Offense

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