So How Will the Ag Lobby Explain This?

A brand spanking new paper in mBio describes how a clone of MRSA (the bacterium methicillin rensitive Staphylococcus aureus), known as ST398, long-associated with agriculture including pigs gained its methicillin and tetracylcine resistance. Surprise! It happened in the agricultural setting. Bloggysphere ST398 expert and co-author Tara Smith explains:

The findings throw the ST398 story a bit on its head. Instead of being a true pig strain, ST398 appears to have originated as a methicillin-susceptible human strain which was transferred into the pig population, picked up antibiotic resistance genes (including resistance to methicillin and tetracyclines), and then has been passed back to farmers as more resistant organisms.

So, I’m curious: how will Big Ag react? In my experience, they have argued about scientific uncertainty (just like Big Tobacco), saying we need more studies. Well, this is damn good evidence that antibiotic resistance and resistant strains evolved on the farm.

No doubt, they’ll argue that we need two or three more epidemics to make the case…

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4 Responses to So How Will the Ag Lobby Explain This?

  1. andrewD says:

    BigAg will lie-next question

  2. eNeMeE says:

    “methicillin sensitive”

    Shouldn’t that be resistant?

  3. I can tell you how they’ll spin it–two ways. One, any serious ST398 infections will now just be “human strains.” Two, for clear pig strains, it will be “no public health implications.” Same old, same old.

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