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I.Q., Stock Picking, and Discipline

By way of Robert Shiller, we come across this interesting paper linking I.Q. and successful financial investment behavior: Stock market participation is monotonically related to IQ, controlling for wealth, income, age, and other demographic and occupational information. The high correlation … Continue reading

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Congress, in Omnibus Spending Bill, To Inflict Mental Retardation on America’s Children: It’s the Lead, Stupid

I’ve discussed before how reducing childhood exposure to lead affects everything from IQ and academic performance to crime rates. It is arguably one of the most crucial and successful environmental efforts in the U.S. of the twentieth century. So, if … Continue reading

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The Question Charles Murray Needs to Answer and Can’t: Why Are Massachusetts’ Whites ‘Superior’ to Alabama’s?

Saturday, Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, had an op-ed in The Washington Post, plugging his new screed, Coming Apart. In the op-ed, Murray writes (boldface mine): It’s common to assume that upper-middle-class white kids win more slots in … Continue reading

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Accidental Schadenfreude Is a Beautiful Thing: The Charles Murray Edition

By way of Jesse Taylor, we learn that Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve and longtime advocate of a genetic basis for the racial difference in IQ scores, will release a book on the growing socioeconomic divisions. In the … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal: Alabama Whites Are Genetically Inferior to Massachusetts Whites (FOR REALZ!)

Every so often, like a bad case of hemorrhoids, the race/IQ/genetics kerfuffle flairs up. Well, the Mad Biologist can settle it once and for all. NAEP math scores have been used as proxies for IQ (pdf, pdf)*. If we look … Continue reading

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A Question About IQ and NAEP Math Scores

With all the recent buzz about IQ, it’s not clear to me how lower IQ scores are supposed to be attributable to racial differences, while lower NAEP math scores for minorities are attributable to Teachers Unions (the Evilest Force for … Continue reading

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Racial Differences in IQ Only Manifest at Age 2

Once again, the IQ race wars have flared up again (here, here, here, here, and here). I’ve never been a big fan of IQ except to identify people who are very smart or very dim–which were the original purposes of … Continue reading

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