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The Problem With The GOP Tax Cut Is It’s Not Big Enough For Most People

Republicans want to tout their tax cut plan, but the problem is the cuts aren’t big enough (boldface mine): Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also said Americans would see benefits of the bill in their paychecks by February, but a new … Continue reading

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Democrats Unveil A Good Infrastructure Plan

And they didn’t half-ass it either (boldface mine): The proposal unveiled by Democratic leaders Wednesday would plow just over $1 trillion into a wide range of infrastructure needs, including $140 billion for roads and bridges, $115 billion for water and … Continue reading

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People Have To Like This Crap: The Tax Code Simplification Edition

France did the experiment for us (boldface mine): Any business would be happy to have lower tax bills. But new research shows that in the real world, the self-employed are willing to pay hundreds of dollars more in exchange for … Continue reading

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Tweets On The Tax Bill

We’ll outsource the commmentary on the hideous Republican tax bill to the Twitterz: Professional Democrats will be able to govern better if they manage to let go of anger about GOP debt hypocrisy and acknowledge their own “pivot to deficits” … Continue reading

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How To Damage U.S. Science With The Tax Code

If you haven’t heard about this, well, you should, especially if you know any current or prospective graduate students (boldface mine): For some of us, the American dream includes many years of graduate school and extremely frugal living along the … Continue reading

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Democrats Are Attacking The Republican Tax Plan For The Wrong Reasons And In The Wrong Way

Pedro Nicolaci da Costa explains why Democrats et alia should oppose the Republican tax plan (boldface mine): There are a few lines you can take to argue against tax cuts, including the idea that they benefit mostly huge companies and … Continue reading

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The Republican Tax Plan Is Even Dumber Than Their Healthcare ‘Reform’ Plans

And I didn’t think that was possible (boldface mine): Democrats criticized the plan as a giveaway to the rich​ because a number of the proposed changes, including lower business tax rates and a repeal of the estate tax, would disproportionately … Continue reading

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