Still No Letter For Trump’s Taxes

I have no idea if Trump’s taxes would DESTROY! him, but seriously investigating him was part of the 2018 election pitch (boldface mine):

There was supposed to be one genuinely easy victory for the new Democratic majority in the House. Medicare for All? No. Green New Deal? No. Critical? Yes—but easy? No. But Trump’s tax returns? Yes, the new majority was supposed to be able to inspect that holy grail of opposition research.

That’s why one of the most discordant notes of the first week of the new Congress was a decision by Representative Richard Neal of Massachusetts, the newly elevated chair of the powerful House Committee on Ways and Means, to retreat on his promises to move quickly to obtain Trump’s tax returns.

As some asshole with a blog noted:

If Democrats were serious in 2018 about Trump being an existential threat to democracy (he certainly hasn’t been good for democracy), then this letter should have been ready to go the moment Democrats officially took over the House. Instead, it will take additional months and it apparently will be done half assed. It’s not like there’s a shortage of Democratic-aligned lawyers in the D.C. Metro area who could help write the damn letter. We deserve better. More importantly, we need better.

Also, there’s a danger in not investigating Trump thoroughly (boldface mine):

Democrats may see economic issues as their path to victory in 2020, but they have an engaged activist base that wants them to use their legislative muscle to make Trump and the White House squirm. That means sooner or later, the fight Democrats promised they were going to wage with Republicans if they won Congress last year is going to come to a head. If it doesn’t, Democrats risk depressing exactly the kind of voters they’ll need to win back power from a huckster who knows what fake populism looks like.

Indeed, there is.

Despite calls for party unity, Democratic Rep. Richard Neal is exactly the kind of Democrat who needs a primary challenge, as he receives less than one percent of his contributions from small donations–and it’s not like his district, one of the most liberal in Massachusetts is going to elect a Republican if he loses.

If you’re someone who cares about politics, waking up every morning with the expectation of saying to yourself, “What did that asshole do now?”, gets really tiresome. While making Trump et alia squirm is a bonus, we have an out of control white collar crime problem in the U.S., and Congressional Democrats unwillingness to confront it, using Trump as an example, is not good for any of us.

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2 Responses to Still No Letter For Trump’s Taxes

  1. Pat says:

    Here’s a thought. The state of New York had failed to investigate Trump in 2016, even when there was a lot of public evidence of wrongdoing by his foundation. In 2018 we found out that Mike Cohen had had evidence that the NY AG, Schneiderman, had been accused of physical abuse. That information was being held by the National Enquirer.

    It wasn’t until Schneiderman resigned that NY began to investigate Trump in earnest. The obvious conclusion is that Trump was blackmailing him, and he was blocking the investigations. The National Enquirer has also been accused of blackmail by Jeff Bezos.

    It’s a pretty good strategy to stay out of jail if you’re a criminal, and I doubt that these two guys are the only ones Trump is blackmailing. Especially if, as Bezos has said, foreign actors like the Saudis can get access to your phone and go through it. Then anyone could be a target.

    So what does Trump have on Rep. Neal? Whatever was on his phone, I would guess.

  2. Pat says:

    Hey, I was wrong! I’m glad of that.

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