Republicans Politicized Tax Collection

Despite passing a temporary middle class tax cut (it will get smaller every year for the middle class. But not the wealthy! MAGA!), Il Trumpe et alia managed to fuck it up by messing around with the withholding, leading many people to receive smaller refunds than they expected–or even wound up paying more taxes. So that was Stupid Policy Trick #1.

But they also have done something else stupid, which might not be readily obvious to people who file electronically or use tax preparation services. The 1040 form used to be one double sided page (“used to be” meaning all the way back in… 2018). If you had some dividends from stocks or savings accounts, there would be additional schedules to file, but the main form was one double-sided full page form.

Well, the IRS has chopped the form up, such that the ‘main’ page has only thirteen lines. Simplification! It can fit on a postcard! Other Ridiculous Republican Rhetoric!

Of course, the tax form really isn’t any shorter. All the Trump Administration did is chop it up into six pieces–six separate forms. It goes without saying there will be people who screw up–or simply have a form get lost by the IRS–due to these new multiple forms. It also makes it a little more difficult to fill out your taxes, because last year’s tax form doesn’t exactly match with the 2019 form. What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, this is a very minor thing, but politicizing everything has its downsides, especially when shit simply needs to work.

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1 Response to Republicans Politicized Tax Collection

  1. mcarson5 says:

    Poor people & immigrants often use H&R Block type preparers, especially if they’re filing earned income.
    Some places charge by page, others by form.
    This may be a way to milk customers, who already pay high fees.

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