Links 3/18/19

Links for you. Science:

Dear Christine: Should I do a PhD if I don’t know whether I want to be a professor?
I understand the vaccine doubts. Here’s why my children will get them anyway.
Deregulating buprenophine prescribing for opioid use disorder will save lives
An anaconda measuring more than 50 FEET (15m) was registered in the Xingu River, Brazil.
Sea Level Rise in Bay Area is Going to Be Much More Destructive Than We Think, Says USGS Study


Our Boss Will Call Your Boss
Yascha Mounk tells people what they want to hear
Andrew Yang, the 2020 long-shot candidate running on a universal basic income, explained
US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’ for ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’
How the Far Right Perverts Ancient History—And Why It Matters
Where Did Boeing Go Wrong?
The accused New Zealand shooter and an all-white Europe that never existed
America’s real affirmative action program
Our big college admissions scandal just made the U.S. look a lot more like the rest of the world
Bernie Sanders’ Staff Forms First-Ever Union For Presidential Campaign Workers
The New Zealand Shooter’s Rhetoric Sounds Like Something You Might Hear In Congress
The U.S. Has A Dire Shortage Of Affordable Homes, And Trump Wants To Make It Worse
College degrees, freedom papers, and the admissions scam we all fall for
Fox News Has Always Been Propaganda
Democrats Must Expose Trump’s Betrayal of Working People (so get his fucking taxes already)
The Profound Emptiness of Beto O’Rourke
Facebook, Axios And NBC Paid This Guy To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages
New Democrats position themselves as realistic alternative to Green New Deal (WE LIKE THIS)

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